Google Drive in Ubuntu with full local copy

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From OneDrive (Windows) or GoogleDrive (Windows) I am used to much more than I currently have in Ubuntu.

The built-in GNOME Online Accounts is not what I want. I've also tried other clients but all do not copy the whole Workspace locally, rather access every file in the cloud, just through the filesystem.

I want a Full local copy and only synchronization to the cloud.

Is there any tool i do not yet know of?

EDIT: found out about rclone but apparently this also does not provide full local copies.

Many thanks in advance.

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Does this answer your question? [Is there a Google Drive client available?]( . There are also more functional alternatives from Dropbox and MEGA.
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Insync works well, but you have to pay for it.
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There is currently no Google Drive client for Linux.

There are many third-party applications that provide some Google Drive access. These are based upon the public Google API.

Those third party applications cannot provide all Google Drive client features, because the official client uses private methods that are simply not part of the public API.

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You may check out VGrive. From the description it looks like it does what you want.

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Thank you SO much. It is indeed what i want. Sadly i ran into a bug that it duplicated all files inside my drive, but in theory, it is exactly what i need.

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