How to copy files from an ssh machine to my local pc?

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I'm connected to a ubuntu linux box using ssh -X 'username@institution'

I'm confused on how to copy a file from the remote linux box to my local PC, say the Documents folder. I'll be transferring from Ubuntu -> Windows.

I'm aware of the


command but I'm not sure how to use it to do this

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The sftp works like the regular ftp.
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Yes, but what is the command? It keeps looping back to ubuntu and won't download to my windows machine
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What are you using for an SSH client? Clients like PuTTY and WinSCP have sftp functionality built in.
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Basic sftp tutorial

Use the command:

sftp username@institution

This will take you to the sftp prompt like:

Connected to institution.

Now type help like this:

sftp> help

This will show you all the commands you can use at this prompt. Use the get command to download a file from the Ubuntu to Windows:

sftp> get mybigfile.txt

Finally use the quit command to return home:

sftp> quit

Here is a more detailed tutorial

Hope this helps


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