get the username of the user who called script with sudo

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How do I get the username from within a script that was called with sudo? In other words, I don't want root but the actual username.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo whoami

Calling the script from user pikachu, I would expect it to print pikiachu and not root.

sudo ./

There are lots of post from around 7 to 12 years ago with this exact question. None of them seem to work on Ubuntu 22.x. I'm simply trying to get the name of the user that called a script with sudo. Most of the old examples reference SUDO_USER but the only way I've been able to get it to work is by running sh -c 'echo $SUDO_USER'. echoing SUDO_USER from a script shows it's undefined.

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it should be defined in a script, that's weird. Works for me in 20.04 WSL, and I don't know that anything has changed before 22.04/22.10
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what were you doing in your script that was different from the answer below?
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Try this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo "$SUDO_USER"
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