Alternatives to sudo's password prompt?

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I know sudo can be setup with NOPASSWD so that it will not ask for a password when executed.

This is more of a security for a person with ADHD/ADD rather than 'best security' - I understand the false sense of security compared to a full blown password prompt.

I do want to be prompted, but I'd like a more 'Windows' like approach of either:

  • Get a yes/no prompt for elevation.
  • Better yet, be prompted for a PIN/alternative secret - that is short.
  • Even better yet, approve action via a USB connected Yubico key.

Is there such a solution?

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This should be possible via /etc/pam.d/sudo using the libpam-u2f module - see [How to configure a U2F key(such as a YubiKey) for system wide 2-Factor Authentication?](
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Would not recommend a change. Get used to it. That prevents trouble. That's why Linux doesn't need creepy antivirus software
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I've been used to it for the past 30 years, I'm looking for improving my workflow - and other's in the process.
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