How to set GNOME Console as default Terminal app?

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As of the moment writing this, gnome-terminal is the default terminal app in GNOME. However, considering development progress of the new app called gnome-console you may want to use it as the default terminal app and hence to be able to open it with Ctrl+Alt+T.

In recent versions of GNOME, changing keyboard shortcuts is much easier than before under Keyboard section of Settings. But the question is what the command is to open Console – no, it’s not gnome-console.

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1. Shortcut key

It seems so easy if you know the command. You will open Settings > Keyboard > View and Customize Shortcuts in Keyboard Shortcuts section, then you will search for Terminal and replace the command.

After months of searching the internet and failing to find the command, I finally could find it out on the package file list: kgx – That’s it!

Terminal Keyboard Shortcut

Next time you press Ctrl+Alt+T, it will open GNOME Console for you.

2. Make it default

Apparantly it’s not easy to use an app other than gnome-terminal as the default one on GNOME, but there’s a neat workaround as mentioned in an answer to a similar question here:

sudo mv /usr/bin/gnome-terminal /usr/bin/.gnome-terminal.unused
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/kgx /usr/bin/gnome-terminal

With this symbolic link every time the OS wants to call up Terminal, it will open GNOME Console instead.

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