UI lags on NVidia P5000 and Ubuntu 22.04

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I have an HP Z440 workstation with 22 core Xeon, NVME disk, 64 GB of RAM and NVidia P5000 (not the weakest one), 4K display connected over DisplayPort. On the same PC I have a Windows 10 installation and it works fine, but in Ubuntu I have significant UI lags.

I work mostly in IDEA/PyCharm + Vivaldi browser (Chromium based). Every UI action, like typing text, scrolling, moving/resizing windows, etc is very slow.

During 6 months of owning this PC I've tried different official and opensource drivers versions with no visible improvements.

How to diagnose this?

// Sorry if it's a kind of stupid question, but I'm working with Linux mostly in headless mode on servers

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