is it possible to install kerberos for different distros?

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I want to install kerberos on AlmaLinux as server to manage ubuntu clients. is this possible? i read somewhere that in order to use kerberos, "Both devices have the same operating system".

so both systems must use ubuntu?


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"I want to install kerberos on AlmaLinux " That is off topic. We know almost nothing about almalinux. Please use Mind that from the looks of it almalinux is a REDHAT clone.
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Please refer, Ubuntu and *official* flavors of Ubuntu ( are on-topic on this site. The on-topic link provides alternate SE sites for non-Ubuntu OSes.
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Your linked page says ".. explanation of how to set up and design Kerberos in a Cluster" and "Introduce Kerberos KDC client on every one of the nodes or machines in the cluster..."

So unless you're planning to do just that, the page doesn't seem to be applicable. I'm not aware of any restrictions regarding the client OS.

The MIT Kerberos Documentation page is the best place to find up-to-date info.

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