Apps can't see Nvidia graphics card / GPU after sleep/suspend

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I'm on a Kubuntu 22.10 and after I put the system to sleep programs (Blender (via Flathub), Handbrake (via APT)) can't see my GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060) anymore. Encoding on GPU (NVEnc) with Handbrake fails, and Blender says I need a GPU for Cycles in preferences.

It works again after a reboot.

I just went through all the different NVIDIA drivers, but they either have the same problem (390, 470, 515, 510) or make the desktop stutter when I use my external monitor.

I can't see any difference between nvidia-smi when it's working and when it's not.

What would I do to troubleshoot this? System Settings -> About this System -> Graphics Processor very inconsistently sometimes shows the GPU when programs can't use it, sometimes the onboard graphics card when programs are using the GPU.

Working and not working after suspend:


not working after suspend
not working

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