How do I see the versions that apt upgrade wants to use

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When running apt upgrade I see a list of packages that will be upgraded. However, I would like to see the versions that would be upgraded, similar as it happens when using conda upgrade or pip x --upgrade.

Is there any way to directly see which versions would be used? Without having to track down the specific packages manually?

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The command

apt list --upgradable

or, if you want to save some keystrokes, it's short version

apt list -u

is what you want to use to show the desired information.

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Or if you're lazy like me `apt list -u`
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You might consider using aptitude instead. With aptitude you can use U to mark all available upgrades, and then when you press g you get (as you do for any operation) a list of the packages that will be affected along with their current and to-be-installed versions. You can also view changelogs (with C) and you get some pretty advanced conflict resolution features, in case they're ever needed.

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