How do you keep an application in the dock in Ubuntu 22.04?

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When I open an application it appears in the lower part of the dock, but it disappears when I quit it and it would be useful if it could stay there.

MacOS and Windows have had this feature for years; does Ubuntu not? It certainly doesn't seem to -- only what's in there by default.

When I right click a running application there is no option to keep it there -- only all windows and quit.

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You can select the waffle menu 'Show Applications' at the bottom corner of the dock, then right click on the application and select 'Add to Favourites'.

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That does it; thank you :) Next problem: when I open an application that is in my dock favourites the lower part of the dock gets a second icon for it. Can it be made to have only one dock icon?
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No, as far as I know, the second icon appears when the application is running. But for Firefox the dot left to icon appears. I don't know why.
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