Installing Allegro 4.4 on Ubuntu 22.04 Live USB

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I've been trying to install Allegro 4.4 on Ubuntu and found this old question for Ubuntu 19.

Installing allegro 4.4 on ubuntu 19.10

I tried those commands which did not work for me today on 19.04, nor 22.04. I think the question/answer worked when posted, but is now outdated with regards to repositories.

Found this package which seems to me that it is actually available for 22.04, so I probably did something wrong when trying to install.

I have also searched online and in allegro docs and forums trying to find an up to date installation instruction, but I can't find one.

Does anyone know how to get Allegro 4.4 installed and running today on a recent Ubuntu system? Preferrably through apt but I'll try any other way if I can just find an instruction.

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The commands in the linked post still work on Ubuntu 22.04.

The actual problem in my case was that I was using a Live USB flash drive, and it does not have the Universe repo enabled by default, so it has to be added first, by sudo add-apt-repository universe. After that, installation worked as described for 19.04.

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