Remove internet access from specific applications

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I'd like to remove internet access from certain applications like KeepassXC.

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If you're using the snap of keepassxc, you can cut it off from the network:

snap install keepassxc
snap disconnect keepassxc:network
snap disconnect keepassxc:network-bind

I just tested this and launched keepassxc, and it ran fine, but I didn't exhaustively test all the features.

Note that any subsequent update to the application via snap refresh (which may happen in the background) may (will) likely re-connect these interfaces. So a workaround for this is to disable updates for this application. That means you get no application or security updates, unless you install them manually yourself.

snap download keepassxc
snap install ./keepassxc_*.snap --dangerous

(The --dangerous is to indicate you're happy installing a snap which may not have been vetted by the store. In this case it actually was, because you did the snap download yourself from the store immediately prior)

Then, proceed to disconnect the network as previously mentioned. By downloading and installing the snap "manually" (so-called "side-loading") this prevents the snap from updating, retaining your network disconnection state.

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Thanks, but this is not exactly what I'm looking for... Is there some sort of GUI firewall that I can see all my applications and set which one I'd like to have internet access to?
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Yes. There is a piece of software called OpenSnitch which can do this
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