How to fix Nvidia driver's problem on Ubuntu 20.04 for old GeForce GT 240 (340)?

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I'm a happy owner of antiques GeForce GT 240.

Ubuntu 20.04 doesn't have any easy way to install drivers for it (someone suggest use old kernels... horrible...). Once long ago I've done it, but completely forgot how.

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This is a Q&A site, so please use it as such. Also you mention 20 which is the *snap* only version of 20.04 & cannot use `ubuntu-desktop` so you likely do mean Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (not Ubuntu Core 20 or a *snap* only flavor of 20.04, `apt` is found in 20.04 but not in 20). This isn't a forum but a Question & Answer site so please use it as such.
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I've moved your answer text into your actual answer..
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Artur, thank you for your help and support. To David - I'm sorry, but it seems like a groundless accusation. I spent about one week to find a clear answer for my question. Is there this solution on askubuntu? Nope. So I thought, it will be helpful for others. Self promotion for what? Will anyone pay me? Nope. So - please, try to be polite.
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So, what should one do? First - delete old nvidia*

sudo apt delete --purge nvidia*

Some one said that you should be careful with nvidia-common since it has something to do with ubuntu-desktop. But I saw no trace of nvidia-common in my Ubuntu 20.04.

At this point, do not reboot!

And now do the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelebek333/nvidia-legacy
sudo apt update
sudo apt install nvidia-340-updates nvidia-340-updates-dev xorg-modulepath-fix
sudo reboot

I had no problem. Hope it will not only help someone but I'll remember it myself.

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