ibus-table-latex trigger keybinding (or just documentation in general)

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I’ve installed the ibus-table-latex package via APT and it works fine. However, I don’t see a way to re-bind (or disable) some of the triggers (backslash \, _, ^) that open the “candidate list”. In particular, I’d like to get rid of ^ and _ doing anything special.

In the input method setup, I’ve found this “Key bindings” page:

ibus-table-latex preferences/setup

but these triggers are nowhere in that list.

More generally (but perhaps this warrants a separate question), is there any documentation for ibus-table-latex that would explain how or whether these can be changed? The only things I’ve found are

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When I see [the source of that tool](, it seems like the special meaning of the `^` and `_` characters is hard coded. Possibly that file can serve as a kind of documentation too, even if it's not very user friendly. ;)
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This is defined in the latex table itself, not in the settings of ibus-table. The latex table contains:

### Start characters, every key in the table starts with one of these characters

So if you want to change that behaviour you could make your own changed latex table.

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Indeed, I had figured that out in the meantime, and meant to write an answer myself. Thanks!
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