Appending a pattern to a preexisting regex

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I have this regex that allows a space followed by visible characters


How can I construct the possibilities of having either some pattern ptrn or the same pattern ptrn followed by the additional one above?

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This is better suited for or
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Awk uses POSIX extended regular expressions, so you can use ? as a quantifier to represent either zero or one occurrence of the preceding pattern:

$ printf '%s\n' 'ptrn' 'foo bar' 'ptrn bar' | awk '/ptrn([[:space:]][[:graph:]]+)?$/'
ptrn bar

In GNU awk aka gawk you can also use a {n,m} quantifier:

$ printf '%s\n' 'ptrn' 'foo bar' 'ptrn bar' | gawk '/ptrn([[:space:]][[:graph:]]+){0,1}$/'
ptrn bar
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