process exited with code 1 (0x00000001) after updating wsl

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I have a question. I am currently on wsl2 and there is an update to wsl. So I typed wsl.exe --update and updated the wsl system but at the end it said [process exited with code 1 (0x00000001)] . Should it be like that? I am doing this on windows terminal. I updated the wsl from the terminal on which I have the ubuntu distro installed, not from the powershell level, but it seems to me that it's not a problem. What could be causing this? Is this an error?

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Exit code 0x1 is indeed an error as you can see here.

A brief research on my side suggests that this is just an issue with displaying output on the command line. There is a report on this behavior here. So, if your wsl2 is working, I wouldn't be too worried about this error code.

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