Does debian/changelog have to be release specific?

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I want to create a debian source package that is suitable for multiple OS-releases.

Initially, I was targeting kinetic, and had this changelog format:

gfxi (1.3-1) kinetic; urgency=medium

  * Add install and uninstall targets to Makefile.


From the manual:

 distributions lists one or more space-separated distributions where this version should be
       installed when it is uploaded; it is copied to the Distribution field in the .changes
       file.  distributions must be terminated by a semicolon (U+003B ‘;’).

So I changed my changelog entry to:

gfxi (1.3-2) jammy kinetic lunar; urgency=medium

  * Add jammy and lunar releases.

The debuild -S command succeeds, but when I upload the debian source package to my PPA using dput, the builder comes back with:

Unable to find distroseries: jammy kinetic lunar
Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.

gfxi (1.3-2) jammy kinetic lunar; urgency=medium

  * Add jammy and lunar releases.

Am I reading the manual incorrectly? Why can't I list the OS releases in my changelog file?

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Sadly while you're right in that the specification for the changelog allows for it, launchpad PPA builders do not. So you have to craft a separate entry for each release you want to build for, and dput each one individually.

This has been asked before on this question, but it's a little buried in the comments.

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Thank you. It is now a [bug report](
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