Gnome and xrdp session black screen -- automatic way to log out stale session?

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Using Ubuntu 20.04.

XRDP using GNOME is causing problems. Users close their RDP sessions but they dont seem to disconnect properly. This causes the issue of the user seeing a black screen after login.

I followed this workaround but this seems like a bad idea as it will just keep creating new sessions, right?

Is there a way to automatically log out stale sessions or remove it for a user when they login, and create a new session for them?

I have a feeling the solution is "Dont use gnome for xrdp use xfce", is that true?

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Does this answer your question? [Local Ubuntu desktop cannot login after opened Xrdp session](
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Nope, it sure does not.
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Are you using Wayland in your remote desktop by any chance? Try [switching from Wayland to Xorg](
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