Merging 2 audio files

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Maybe someone would be able to help here. I have a one folder with wav files and the 2nd folder with other wav files. I want to merge the audio files from folder "1" with the files from folder "2" but i want to merge the files randomly (without duplication) with all posibilities.


  • Folder "1" contains 3 wav files
  • Folder "2" contains 3 wav files

so after the program:

  • Folder "3" will contains 9 merged wav files without duplications

Important things:

  • the parameters of the wav files (i.e. 44Khz , 16bit, stereo) need to be the same in the final file
  • by merging i mean that both files are playing at the same time - not one after another.

I'm not sure but maybe using the sox would help with it ?

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What do you mean "merge"? I think you should elaborate on exactly what you want to do with the files, and exactly what you want the end result to look like, because I don't understand it currently.
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