nmap on local host shows "filtered" on port which is stated as "open" on remote host

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My question is similar to this but I'd like to fix and understand the error without having to rely on the possibility that factory-resetting my router will fix it for me. I also found this which is about the same problem but left unanswered. There seems to be a hidden issue others and me must be missing.

I want to reach an ubuntu 20.04 server with my local zorin 16 machine. The server is hosting a minecraft server (this is irrelevant to this question, it only explains why i need port 25565) within my LAN. I ran

$ sudo ufw allow 25565/tcp

on both of them. Checking

$ nmap localhost -p 25565

on the server reveals that the port is open, while calling the server from the main machine with

$ nmap -p 25565

just shows filtered. Both firewalls are active and allow tcp traffic through port 25565. From my limited understanding, nothing seems wrong, yet here i am not being able to connect to the server. What could be wrong?

Edit: Also, when looking at ufw status it looks like the configuration for a working port like 22 is set up the exact same way as 25565. Could it be that another app like iptables is messing with my config behind the scenes?

Edit: Running the server with or without sudo does not change anything.

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What is the version of Ubuntu being used?
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@David 20.04 Focal Fossa

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