Converting Ubuntu-Minimal 22.04 cloud image from .img file to VirtualBox .vdi disk image

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I'm trying to use Ubuntu-Minimal 22.04 pre-built cloud image in VirtualBox. I've dowloaded .img file which (according to file util) has QEMU QCOW2 Image (v2) so I'm trying to convert it using qemu-img tool:

qemu-img convert -O vdi ubuntu-22.04-minimal-cloudimg-amd64.img disk.vdi

It is being converted sussessfully, but when I attach converted disk image to VBox VM and try to start VM it fails with message "GRUB_FORCE_PARTUUID set, attempting initrdless boot".

What is wrong here ?

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Nothing is wrong. The same image as the KVM guest gives the same output. That's a console output. That doesn't mean the OS isn't booting.


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