pylucene: my webapp django crash after first query pylucene query (version 9.1)

mm flag

This is messages that I get when I query many times pylucene (2 times).

A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:

SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x00007fe2d913f03d, pid=3947943, tid=3948356

JRE version: OpenJDK Runtime Environment Temurin-17.0.5+8 (17.0.5+8) (build 17.0.5+8) Java VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM Temurin-17.0.5+8 (17.0.5+8, mixed mode, sharing, tiered, compressed oops, compressed class ptrs, g1 gc, linux-amd64) Problematic frame: C [] JCCEnv::setClassPath(char const*)+0x2d

Core dump will be written. Default location: Core dumps may be processed with "/usr/share/apport/apport -p%p -s%s -c%c -d%d -P%P -u%u -g%g -- %E" (or dumping to /home/bigissue/Documents/giustizia/lucene_queries/djangosite/giustiziasite/core.3947943)

An error report file with more information is saved as: /home/bigissue/Documents/giustizia/lucene_queries/djangosite/giustiziasite/hs_err_pid3947943.log

If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit:

My pylucene method

def thousand(self, startPagination, recPerPage):
        # specifica i campi da includere nel risultato
        columns = ["_id", "cf_giudice", "controparte", "codiceoggetto", "parte", "distretto"]
        # Avvia la macchina virtuale Java
        indexPath = File(self.LUCENE_FILES).toPath()
        directory =
        reader =
        searcher = IndexSearcher(reader)
        analyzer = StandardAnalyzer()
        queryParser = QueryParser("codiceoggetto", analyzer)
        coQuery1 = queryParser.parse("codiceoggetto:[140000 TO *]");
        andQuery = BooleanQuery.Builder()
        andQuery.add(BooleanClause(coQuery1, BooleanClause.Occur.MUST))
        andQuery =
        start =

        # esegui la query e ottieni il numero totale di documenti corrispondenti
        collector = TotalHitCountCollector(), collector)
        total = collector.getTotalHits()

        print("trovati: ", total)
        documents = {}
        if total > 0:
            # crea un oggetto MultiFieldSelector per selezionare i campi desiderati
            visitor = MultiFieldVisitor(columns)
            print("il visitor",visitor)
            keepScores = 0 #non mantiene gli score
            scoreCollector = TopScoreDocCollector.create(total,keepScores)
  , scoreCollector)
            scoreDocs = scoreCollector.topDocs(startPagination, recPerPage).scoreDocs

            duration = - start
            print("paginata ", str(duration))

            # stampa i documenti trovati
            for scoreDoc in scoreDocs:
                print("doc: ",scoreDoc.doc)
                #doc = searcher.doc(scoreDoc.doc, None, visitor, 0)
                # crea una nuova lista vuota
                fieldsList = javautil.ArrayList()

                # aggiungi ogni campo come elemento della nuova lista
                for field in columns:

                fieldsToLoad = javautil.HashSet(fieldsList)
                #fieldsToLoad = HashSet(columns)
                #doc = searcher.doc(scoreDoc.doc,columns)
                doc = searcher.doc(scoreDoc.doc, fieldsToLoad)

                print(doc.get("_id"), " ",
                    doc.get("cf_giudice"), " ",
                    doc.get("controparte"), " ",
                    doc.get("codiceoggetto"), " ",
                    doc.get("parte"), " ",
                fieldsDict = {}
                for field in doc.getFields():
                    fieldsDict[] = field.stringValue()

                documents[doc.get("_id")] = fieldsDict

        return documents
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