Terminal Window placement on Ubuntu 22.04

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I just installed Ubuntu 22.04 on a new laptop.. But, I have Ubuntu 22.04 already installed on another laptop.. On the old one, if I do CTRL-SHIFT-T to make a terminal, the terminal first appears at a certain spot, then the next terminal (if I do CTRL-SHIFT-T again) shows up under that first one, then to the right of the first terminal, and basically it forms a grid.

On the new laptop tho, it shows up at the very top left corner, and then each next terminal sort of just ... appear almost on top of each other.. I made two screencasts to show what I mean:

  1. This is the "new" way, that I _don't_want.
  2. This is the "old" way, that I'd like to happen on the new laptop.

How can I configure Ubuntu 22.04 on the new laptop to behave like the old one does?


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