Ubuntu/Vagrant makes me log in every time I run a program within virtualbox

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I am using Vagrant and Virtualbox running a virtual instance of Ubuntu. Every time I use the following command "exec /vagrant/build/test_gui" the logs and output of that program show for a split second (not long enough to even try to read the text) before clearing the terminal and displaying the login once again. (pictured below) I am fairly new to all of these systems and would like to know how to stop this from happening so I can see the output of my program within the virtual machine's terminal? When I use vagrant ssh or vagrant ssh -- -X, and run the same command, it returns an error regarding not being able to find a display. I am aware this is probably what is resetting the terminal, and I am working on fixing this, but it is rather secondary- what I need is for my terminal to not reset every time there is an error! Is this possible?

Terminal with the following text:

Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS ubuntu-bionic tty1
ubuntu-bionic login:

enter image description here

Also, because I cannot seem to find an answer anywhere on the internet, is "exec" the way I should be running executable?

I cannot seem to figure out how to both make and also run executables in this reference environment.

Pls help.


Fixed this- Had to reset and redo environment variables, amongst other things. Unrelated BSODs in the past week seem to have corrupted a bunch of stuff, thought i got it all; guess not. Will close when i figure out how to

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I just had a thought, Did you install the server version of Ubuntu?
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Noted- thanks for the tips, I'm pretty new here. Went ahead and read the post rules (probably shouldve before posting. lol.) In terms of my ubuntu version I did not manually install it, the only packages I installed myself were vagrant and virtualbox. Ubuntu seems to have been installed by virtualbox. I looked around to see how to check for server vs desktop version, and according to what uname -a returned I seem to have the generic version rather than the server version. I will see if changing this fixes my issue :D
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The server version does not have any GUI. so a login prompt you see is normal. I am not familiar with Vagrant and virtualBox, So, I can't help you if Ubuntu is installed by Vagrant and VirtualBox.
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"**is "exec" the way I should be running executable?**" I'm not sure about your context, but `exec` is a shell builtin that tells the shell to *replace itself* with the given command. When used from a login shell, it should not be surprising that it returns you to the login prompt
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