Force USB wlan ifname keep starting from 0

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Description: I have a NUC running on 20.04 with an internal WiFi chip. Since I need to connect to external antenna so I have added a USB WiFi adaptor.

What problem I am having: The USB WiFi interface most of the time is named with wlan1 after reboot so if I create SSID profile when it was recongnised as wlan0, it lost network connection after reboot. I need to physically unplug the USB and replug it, system will recongnise it as wlan0 and network comes back.

What I have done: I used 70-persistent rule to force internal WiFi MAC to be named wlan99, then manually disable wlan99. I don't want to bind the USB WiFi MAC to use wlan0 because I have different USB adaptor for different antenna connectors.

What I want to archieve: I want "any first" USB WiFi interface ALWAYS to start from "wlan0".

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