remote: Permission to userA/blogger.git denied to userB

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I am new at ubuntu. After installing I configured my git for userB. But maximum project created & uploaded to userA git account. after realization that if I use everything different from OS to OS it's very difficult to maintain all the projects. After that I tried to config git global with userA credential.

When I check git config --list it shows userA but when I gave the command git push origin master then I got error

remote: Permission to userA/blogger.git denied to userB. 
fatal: unable to access '': The requested URL returned error: 403

I did delete & clean vs code many times and install it but this problem can't solve.

N.B I can push using access token but want to push from vscode

Update I found solution for MAC and Windows but not getting Ubuntu

I sit in a Tesla and translated this thread with Ai:


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