Installing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) for Google Chrome creates .desktop files on my desktop

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I've installed several Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) using Google Chrome. It appears that Chrome creates a .desktop file in ~/Desktop for each installed PWA. I imagine that some desktop environments will render these files on the desktop like a Windows shortcut icon, but Gnome doesn't seem to do so. Instead I have generic files with long hashed names cluttering up my desktop.

Can I safely delete these files to clean up my desktop? I know that Chrome installs another corresponding .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications that is slightly different than the one in ~/Desktop in some cases, but I imagine that the .desktop file in ~/Desktop is basically unnecessary.

I also imagine that the act of "installing" a PWA basically amounts to creating a .desktop file that launches Chrome in a certain mode, with a target website, and perhaps some cached credentials (i.e. no application is really being "installed" in the traditional sense). Therefore, I welcome any explanation giving clarity as to why Chrome would be creating these (additional) .desktop files in ~/Desktop.

Ubuntu Version: 20.04.1


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