Ubuntu encryption during installation

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For the first time while installing Ubuntu 23.04 I clicked the button for encryption. For bad luck the installation got stuck, so now I have an encrypted Lenovo laptop and I can't decrypt mmcblk0 even though I know the passphrase. I have try to decrypt it, but with no result.

Results of lsblk :


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Boot from the Ubuntu 23.04 live USB that you used to install Ubuntu, and select the Try Ubuntu option to start an Ubuntu live session. Launch the built-in GParted partition editor, and reformat /dev/sdb as FAT32 in order to remove the LUKS encryption. Then you can reinstall Ubuntu 23.04.

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With gparted don't let me format , also decrypt option is grey letters and can't press I LL send a photo from gparted
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[This answer]( is stronger than GParted, and it also can be run from an Ubuntu live session.
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