error when installing sql server on ubuntu 20.04

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I am trying to install sql server on ubuntu 20.04 as described here. In my understanding I don't have to install docker to run sql server on ubuntu 20.04. When executing

sudo /opt/mssql/bin/mssql-conf setup

I get the error

        Reason: 0x00000001
     Signal: SIGABRT - Aborted (6)
             IP               Function
             ---------------- --------------------------------------
             0000559c4af150c1 std::__1::bad_function_call::~bad_function_call()+0x1b431
             0000559c4af14a86 std::__1::bad_function_call::~bad_function_call()+0x1adf6
             0000559c4af1400f std::__1::bad_function_call::~bad_function_call()+0x1a37f
             00007feb8a42f090 killpg+0x40
             00007feb8a42f00b gsignal+0xcb
             00007feb8a40e859 abort+0x12b
             0000559c4aea271b std::__1::basic_stringbuf<char, std::__1::char_traits<char>, std::__1::allocator<char>>::str() const+0x7cbb
             0000559c4af3fe8a std::__1::bad_function_call::~bad_function_call()+0x461fa

I checked the requirements as listed here.

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**Welcome to the Ask Ubuntu community.** Just to confirm, you've installed the SQL packages per the procedure and no errors were generated? And you're running an instance of Ubuntu 20.04 that has at least 2 GB of available memory, correct?
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