Why do I keep getting the error "Unable to locate package gadmin-proftpd"

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I just installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, I'm quite new to it. I've been trying to install gadmin-proftpd with the following command $ sudo apt-get install gadmin-proftpd but I keep getting the error E: Unable to locate package gadmin-proftpd

I already enabled Community-maintained free and open-source software (universe) in Software & Updates. I've also tried sudo apt-get update I don't seem to be able to find anyone else having the same issue online. Please shed some light on my issue if you can. I am still really new to linux.

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This package exists only for focal, for jammy it's simply not in the repository.
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is this what you are looking for?
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The `gadmin-proftpd` package was removed from Ubuntu after 20.04. It is not available in 22.04. You can see this clearly for yourself at
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