Is there an image of ubuntu 23.04 with the old ubiquity installer?

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I need to install 23.04 and I'd like to use btrfs with subvolumes and it has to be encrypted. The new installer supports one or the other. I was able to get the setup that I like on the 22.10 installer. I guess I can install 22.10 and then do-release-upgrade to get to 23.04. Someone told me there was an image? If so can not find it for the life of me.

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You can download Ubuntu 23.04 Desktop at this URL

You'll note a large green Download 23.04 Button, which will download the Ubuntu 23.04 Desktop ISO which uses the ubuntu-desktop-installer installer.

Below that is where you click to download the Ubuntu 23.04 Desktop ISO that uses the ubiquity installer, ie. the "Download 23.04 (Legacy Desktop Installer)" link.

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FYI: You can scan what ISOs are available are available at , though I don't always find what I'm looking for there too .. however I find the ISO.QA tracker very helpful - (*even if I don't use links there, it'll provide naming & other details useful to shorten the searches of though it'll depend on what ISO you're actually after as to what's best.
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