use installed lightshot app for taking screenshot instead of default screenshot provided by ubuntu

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I just installed lightshot for screenshot following guide from it's website

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but when i press print screen buttton "prt sc" it uses default print screen.

How can i use lightshot print screen instead of the default screenshot.

Thank you

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If you're running Gnome, you could take advantage of the [many Gnome extensions}( available to you, including screenshot tools. It seems to me that installing/running a screenshot tool through Wine is a very heavy (from a resources perspective) solution.
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You can substitute any screenshot tool of choice by redefining the PrtScr key.

  • Go to Settings - Keyboard and select "View and customize shortcuts"

  • In the "Keyboard shortcuts" dialog, open the "Screenshots" section. When the "Set shortcut" dialog appears, hit BackSpace to clear the key assignment.

  • Return to the "Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog. Open the section "Custom shortcuts".

  • Click the "Add Shortcut" button. In the "Add Custom Shortcut" dialog, provide a name, the command to launch your screenshot tool, then assign PrtScr as the shortcut.


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