How to force start and restart service on specify tty

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I want to run my python program on tty3. I created a.service. How to force systemd to run and restart on the same tty? Now i have situation that after restart program is running on active tty.

What should I write to: StandardInput? Now i Have StandardInput=tty-force



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It's not clear what you are asking. A service is not something that run on a particular terminal. Seems a [xy problem](, please tell us your goal
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I am going to run python program under systemd. Program is closed into loop and should restart after error. When error occure i am logoff from terminal and i have to log in again to check status. I would like to run program on the terminal tty3 and all restart should run on the same terminal.
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Logging out is annoying.
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Normally, a service would not use _any_ tty, but log to its own log file or use _syslog_. Keep in mind that you might some day need to access it from the outside via _ssh_ and not have physical access to any of the consoles.
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