Unupgradable packages

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I'm gonna walk you through my standard updating process, every time I log into my computer (Ubuntu 22.04) I open a command prompt and run:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade

It's been working fine for almost 10 years, but since about 8 months or so it doesn't work any more. I get this prompt almost every time:

 The following packages have been kept back:
     the-packages that-have been-kept-back

I googled what to do and I found an answer that said to do a dist-upgrade, but when I did, I lost a bunch of my packages (most notably gnome-utils which messed up a lot of my UI). It took me a while to rectify, so now I just copy paste the packages that have been kept back and it works, but it feels wrong, I'm "manually" installing a bunch of random stuff.

I'm not super knowledgeable in package management, but does anyone recognize this problem and how to fix it? Thank you

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