Bridging between to different subnets

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I'm new to ubuntu server (22.04). I have my isp router connected to my ubuntu server via ethernet. I also have my iot devices on a linksys router (10.208.1.x). the linksys router (WAN, LAN is connect via ethernet to the isp router. My question is can I have the server able to communicate to the linksys router and if so how do I do that. Hope someone can help.

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This is more a networking question then Ubuntu problem. One solution is to put everything in the same subnet. Or configure the Linksys router to forward the needed ports to the iot devices.
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**Welcome to the Ask Ubuntu community.** As @user68186 noted, your question doesn't appear to be related to the Ubuntu OS. You may be better served over on the [Network Engineering StackExchange](
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I followed your advice and place everything under the same subnet. Much easier. Thanks
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