How can I create a customise ubuntu to open browser when booted and restrict access to other application

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I am trying to create a custom OS for examination purposes and I want to customize ubuntu iso so that it when booted it has only access to a browser and no other application

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are you mean shrink ubuntu on internet explorer
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Sounds like you're looking for what's called a kiosk. See docs on Ubuntu kiosk mode:
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Does this answer your question? [How to launch google-chrome/chromium application shortcut in fullscreen/kiosk mode](
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Does this answer your question? [Customize Ubuntu for a library Internet kiosk](
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I can't give you all details to complete your task, but I have a distribution which at boot start a browser which connects itself to a specific URL that to a specific IP address.

Essentially you need the following steps:

Script to start the browser (in kiosk mode)

You have to create the bash script and save in in the folder Save it in the home folder /home/username`. I suppose you are using Firefox as browser, so the content of the script at least the followed command:

/usr/bin/firefox --kiosk <URL> &

In the previous script is present only a command where:

  • you have to set the <URL>
  • Firefox is started with the option --kiosk but this option can be removed if it isn't necessary; this option restricts the access to the other applications present in the distribution

Remember to set executable the script by:

sudo chmod +x /home/username/

Start the script by Autostart

To start the script at boot I suggest you to add the script to the Autostart of the Desktop Manager by the menu Preferences. In this moment I don't have a Ubuntu distribution installed but only a lubuntu distribution. In lubuntu 22.04 to add to the Autostart you have to select, by the Start button the menu:

Preference->LXQT Settings->Session Settings->Autostart

In this moment is not easy for me add useful screenshot to reach this menu and show how to add the script for Autostart.

I think with the previous two steps at boot, the Ubuntu distribution start Firefox at full screen and in kiosk mode.

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I suggest install ubuntu and customize it (add/remove apps,packages,commands) after then you can make filesystem.squashfs from ubuntu partition that can be used to make live usb.

add app to autostart:

  1. get yourapp.desktop for this app.
  2. copy this yourapp.desktop to /etc/xdg/autostart.
  3. reboot, when login to ubuntu the app will start automaticly after short time.
    you can remove or add any .desktop to /etc/xdg/autostart to take control on your ubuntu start apps.
    related: how-to-limit-user-access-to-selected-applications

related customization tools and ways:


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