The tag is replaced by '*' character

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While sending out html emails that are configured to use the following template.

<p>Submitted on [webform_submission:created]</p>
<p>Submitted by: [webform_submission:user]</p>
<p>Submitted values are:</p>

The actual value returned is the following one.

*First Name*
*Last Name*
*Email* [1]
*Please let us know how we may help you*


I would expect it would render as follows.

<b>First Name</b>
<b>Last Name</b>
<b>Email</b> [1]
<b>Please let us know how we may help you</b>


I have installed the Mail System and the SMTP Authentication Support modules, selected HTML mails in the latter module and in Webform.

My guess is that something is converting the HTML mails to plain text in webform, but I am not able to find it.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

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After one more day of digging, I finally figured it out!

The issue was with the HTML Mail module, which was supposed to format the emails in HTML format, as the name said, required an Pear library, Mail Mime to format HTML mails. It was converting my HTML formatted emails into Plain Text and sending to the SMTP server.

It had nothing to do with Webform module.

I had set the sender and formatter same in the Mail System module, which apparently solved the issue.

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You didn't say you were using the HTML Mail module ...

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