SSL converted web system can not work with third pirty Payment service

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My Web app works with a Payment service called Stripe. Stripe proceeds the payment by webhook.

I do have a Stripe webhook that is successfully caught and processed in Stripe's TEST MODE, on http local host server.

When switching to Stripe's LIVE MODE DATA, I need to SSL converted "http" to "https" So I set a Load Balancer and exposed the server over HTTPS by AWS.

However, the webhook returns error saying Timed out connecting to remote host,

When the URL is SSL converted from "http" to "https", is there anything I need to fix working with third pirty to proceed payment?

I used below two tools but I can not figure out what the problem is.

I just mentioned the above settings in this question but still if more code is required then tell me I'll update my question with that information.

Thank you.

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Check your firewall/security group.
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@Michael Hampton Thank you for your answer. I'm using AWS to set SSL. So I read this document But I can not figure out what's wrong because I did not set up anything about the firewall and I can access my website from my desktop PC, Laptop PC, and smartphone. You can not see my website content?
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@Michael Hampton I brought my smartphone outside and access the page, then I found out that I can not see the page. It must be my setting problem. I'll try again and may ask a further detailed question in another post. Thank you very much.

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