How to share directory with Fargate container

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I have a fargate container running which needs access to files present on an EC2 instance. Both are in the same network and security groups do not restrict traffic.

I tried using sshfs as well as mount using cifs.utils package. However because it is a container I get errors during the mount

Unable to apply new capability set.


fuse: device not found, try 'modprobe fuse' first

I checked the workaround in, but this involves having access to docker host. And my setup is not on hosted ECS.

Is there a way to make the contents of a directory on an ec2 instance available on a Fargate container?

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I wonder if you could rearchitect so shared files are on EFS
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For your case WebDAV (see "Server Support" and "Client Support" section) seems to be a viable solution because of the flexibility you can have on EC2 instance. On Fargate which is a controlled environment, you can built client tools into your image that can interact with the server over the network, eg. HTTP, FTP, sFTP etc.


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