Text decoration (strike-through) in "Depends on" column of bug lists

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Bug lists in the Bugzilla installation on (see this one) have linked numbers with decoration in the “Depends on” column:

Decorated text in Depends-on cells

which is very helpful for picking a new candidate to assign, but which we miss in the Bugzilla installation of our company:

Plain text in Depends-on cells

I wasn't able to find out the version they run, but the linked documentation is about version 4.2. Our company runs version 5.0.6. I tried to find switches in the Preferences and Administration or information in the bugs of Bugzilla itself, but found nothing so far. I also inspected the HTML source, see these examples of the respective cells in the Mozilla installation (lines reformatted):

open bug

<td class="bz_dependson_column">
<a class="bz_bug_link bz_status_NEW" 
   title="NEW - box-decoration-break: clone affects bidi continuations" 

closed bug

<td class="bz_dependson_column">
<a class="bz_bug_link bz_status_RESOLVED bz_closed" 
   title="RESOLVED FIXED - text-decoration-thickness isn't
   being serialized as part of the text-decoration shorthand computed-value"

Here a “Depends on” cell in our installation:

<td class="bz_dependson_column">

There is no difference related to the bug state.

I was not able to get any useful results by searching the web, also when searching for the classes bz_bug_link, bz_status_NEW etc., they originate from the classes pool applied to all bug links shown by Bugzilla.

The text-decoration goes back to the CSS:

.bz_obsolete, .bz_inactive, .bz_closed, .bz_CLOSED td {
    text-decoration: line-through !important;

What has to be done to enable links, and therefore classes, for bug numbers shown in the "Depends on" column of bug lists?

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Report a bug to whoever maintains Bugzilla.
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@MichaelHampton Thanks for taking the time. Do you *know* that the linking is done by the standard package (and not by some extension)? As I said, the fact that I haven't found anything makes me a little unsure if the error isn't on my end. Only now I did a web search for `"Select a product category to browse:"` and found several 5.0.x installations exposing the same issue.
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I filed a bug report: [1729639 - Missing text-decoration and linking for "Depends on" column in bug list](

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