What's the endpoint running at `` as seen in an SPF record in DNS?

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How can I run an SPF include endpoint for my organisation?

In this example, the SPF record for a domain permits hosts included via the list, and prohibits everything else:

"v=spf1 ~all"

Use case: I have slightly more than the max 10 hosts permitted in SPF by RFC4408, and I would prefer to run my own as a single include in the DNS record.

What software or architecture can I run at to provide this?

Thank you.

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Not an answer, but it sounds like in your situation a `redirect` modifier would be preferable to the `include` mechanism, see RFC 7208, towards the end of section 5.2.
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You don't need to run any software, the "include" directive literally includes the SPF result for the stated domain name.

You simply need to create a SPF record (i.e. a TXT record with a valid SPF syntax) in the DNS zone ""; in that record you will mention all your allowed mail senders using IP addresses, host names or whatever.

When you put in another SPF record, the SPF result for will be included.

This all happens using DNS, no other software is involved or required.


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