Start/Search on Windows Server 2016 doesn't return some results

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For example, BizTalk is installed on this server, but when I search for BizTalk, none of the admin tools appear. To get to BizTalk, I have to click the "Start" button, scroll down to "M" and then find Microsoft BizTalk Server folder, and expand it, then click on the icon.

Example of search failing:

enter image description here

Example of scrolling down to find BizTalk:

enter image description here

When I search for Visual Studio, "ISE" (for Windows PowerShell ISE), or control panel, it works fine.

This seems to have been discussed here with no solution.

I can pin it to the "start menu", but I also can't seem to figure out how to copy it to the desktop.

There is a service called "Windows Search" that is disabled, I set it to "Automatic" and started it; I can report back later if it made any difference.

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