Azure Managed Instance - Virtual Machine Whitelisting

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I am having quite a few problems with setting up an Azure VM that is linked to an Azure Managed Instance SQL Server. The aim of this is to be able to setup a linked server in SSMS that can connect to a whitelisted MySQL server so I believe I need the VM to install the drivers and setup the ODBC and DSN links for the linked server to use. This MySQL connection also uses a KEY, CERT and PA-CERT

Key issues in bold

I have setup a VM using this ( and now managed to install SSMS and ODBC drivers (thanks for help with this community)

I got the IP for the Managed SQL server by CMD PINGing the name of the server and have had this whitelisted on our MySQL server to get the IP. Firstly, is this the right IP to whitelist?

I can now sign into the VM and connect to my SQL server using the private address but when I create a DSN it doesn't connect which makes me think I am either on a VM on the wrong machine or that I have whitelisted the wrong IP (since the IP on the VM is showing as a completely different one)

When I also try to make changes to the Linked Server providers (MSDASQL) these no not error, but no not save. I am using the main admin account so it is confusing

I am searched far and wide and not been able to find anything that can directly help with this

Sorry this is a long one, but I am really hoping that someone has a solution for this one


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