Prevent duplication of physical Salt Stack minions

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Recently I've implemented Salt on physical minions in our enterprise environment as a "backup" solution in case our current management system takes a nose dive and we need to restore configurations on nearly a thousand clients without having to get hands on with each computer, as well as an easy way to manage certain local files/scripts through git. The biggest challenge I'm facing is how to prevent duplication one a single physical machine.

Scenario: Computer's minion id gets set with "$hostname ($serialNumber)". Then if the computer is cascaded somewhere else, it gets wiped, a new hostname, but the same serial number.

I guess my question is: Is there functionality built in to allow me to specify how the minion's fingerprint is determined (aka, just use a hash of the serialNumber for the fingerprint)? This way, over time there aren't 5 records of minions for the same physical minion.

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