Subdomain & Emailing Hosting

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I have a Domain A.Com Which is using Zoho for my emails Now I want to have B.A.Com (B is subdomain, so emails will be [email protected])

I dont know how to setup DNS for my subdomain.

What I did so far....

I created a new DNS ZONE for Domain B.A.Com for my A.Com I added a new NS record for B and point it to B

I am still unable to ping (Request could not find Host). what am I missing here?

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Welcome to Server Fault! In many cases mentioning the actual domain name is essential for the community to be able to help diagnose DNS issues. This may be one too. Please refer to [this Q&A]( for our recommendations with regards to how and what (not) to obfuscate in your questions. - But in usually records such as `` will simply work from the `` zone and you do not have to create a separate `` zone first

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