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I need your help to advise me on the best way to set up an external firewall for social media use. I have a PC with windows and a USB 4g pen. I wrote a script to plug and unplug the USB automatically thus rotating IPS. I want to create a wifi hotspot from the first laptop and access that hotspot from the second laptop.

What is the best way to log connections / control firewall rules on the first laptop? I thought about installing and configuring OPNsense but never used. On windows I have everything configured as I want right now, I just need a safe way to log and control every connection from the second pc.

I do not fully trust the code that will be running on the main laptop and i don't want the IPS to be used for something malicious so I need to whitelist o only social media domains.

1st laptop- 4G USB connection creating a hotspot wifi firewalled with rules and with loga

2nd laptop- connects via wireless to the hotspot

Any ideas?


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