IPv6 access to site behind OpnSense

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I am new to IPv6. I have dedicated server with both IPv4 (single external IP 135.x.y.z) and IPv6 network 2a01:abc:def::/64).

Within this server I have few VMs and 2 networks (WAN and LAN).

OpnSense connected to both WAN (135.x.y.z) and LAN (

There is also VM with WebServer (connected to LAN

And other VMs in LAN (192.168.1.X) In DNS I have A record site.domain.tld A 135.x.y.z.

At OpnSense I also setup NAT port forwarding for 80 and 443 to WebServer VM (

IPv4 works perfectly.

Now I want to enable IPv6. At OpnSense WAN adapter I added static IPv6 address from ISP network (2a01:abc:def::2).

It is reachable and pingable from outside (Internet).

But what should I do with my LAN servers?

What should write to site’s DNS AAAA record?

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The `/64` network may be the transit network, and your ISP should delegate something like a `/48` prefix from which you get 65,536 `/64` networks. Use those networks for your servers and route on the router. Be sure your firewall is properly configured to allow the necessary ICMPv6.
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Maximum they give is /64
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That is only for residential networks, not business networks.

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