MSSQL reportserver behind web application firewall

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Good Morning everyone!

First, please just point me in direction, where can I look into documentation. I should get a consultant, but as a DBA, I want to solve this issue by myself.


  • Management decision is that report server (RS) website should run behind Barracuda web application firewall (WAF)
  • AD, WAF and Network are not managed by myself
  • RS Server is implemented on Database Server
  • Exposed url is different than RS server name and network domain name
    • public URL
    • private URL server.domain.loc with server name
  • WAF does not do SSL offloading and does not have URL rewrite engine
  • We need to use Kerberos
  • We use different Service Accounts for DB Engine and RS services

So far i did following:

  • I followed this website:
  • I already deployed public SSL certificate on RS Server
  • RS Server has to be configured with public url
  • I have to add SPNs to Service Accounts in AD
  • I have to add Delegation to Computer Account in AD

Current issue:

  • Website repeats user and password dialog and,
  • I don't have any error messages

My questions:

  • do you have any links with comprehensive documentation to "how to configure SSRS behind web application firewall"
  • did you implement this kind of implementation and what issues you run in your case

Thank you very much!


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