How to move PAM from DR to primary machine without any downtime?

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My environment is : Primary site : 2 MBX and 2 CAS -- fsw \srv01\dag DR Site : 1 MBX and 1 CAS --alternate fsw \srvdr1\dag my question is : I want to move primary mailbox node (pr-mbx-01 )without downtime. is it possible ?

It shows WitnessShare InUse: PRIMARY Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Status | fl :

Group Node Status

Cluster Group DR-mbx-01 Partially Online Available Storage PR-MBX-02 Offline

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You could run below command to move PrimaryActiveManager to another server:

Get-ClusterGroup “Cluster Group” | Move-ClusterGroup –Node <Other DAG Member>

Here's a similar thread for your reference: How to move Primary Active Manager role - Exchange 2019

The thread seems to the same issue as yours.


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