Deploy Printers Per Machine With GPO

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I have 4 printers being deployed by my Windows Server 2016. They are all the same printer. I am using the latest driver. The printers are deployed by the server using Group Policy. The printers are deployed "per machine" through GPO. When I go and check the computers in the OU only 1 of the 4 printers gets deployed. All the printers have the same security permissions.

I am using the Point To Print GPO settings pointing directly at the print server. Even as an administrator, when I do a gpupdate /update it doesn't deploy the printer to the machine. If I UNC directly to the print server I can add the printer without a problem. But for some reason only 1 printer will be deployed. I have a number of other networks with the same settings and deployed the same way. Any idea why all but 1 printer won't deploy?


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